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The Natural 

Watercolour on canvas 

     For this series of painting, it is a total of six paintings on canvases. I inspire by all photos I took in the year 2020 and thinking about the relationship between humans and nature. This particular year, we live under the pandemic, and all the indoor place has the limit and store closures. We have more chances to walk out into the natural and a close relationship with the natural. I want to demonstrate all the natural landscape and things I see and touch in my paintings. All trees, animals, and the lake also the change of season. 

     The withered branches in autumn, the bare branches in winter, the broken branches in summer, and the tender shoots in spring have brought me the positive thought that life may be full of ups and downs with unexpected things. Trees, grass, and leaves also bring out the sense of life's feelings brought by their birth, aging, illness, and death with the season's change. 

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